In Between the Lines was created with the vision that it would be a practice that focused solely on therapy for the system, not just the individual.


Kelley Dougherty Eubanks

Kelley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who specializes in working with couples and families, and the Founder of In Between The Lines.

She is a published author, associate researcher, and certified Reiki Master.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction that promotes healing.

In studying the way emotional health impacts physical health, Kelley felt it was important to learn techniques of healing the spirit of a person in addition to healing the emotions so the whole body will be healed: mind, body, and spirit, which is in line with my belief in systemic therapy.

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Sarah DiLeonardo, LPC

Working with people on their relationships and goals has always been my passion in life. I use a systemic approach to help people gain insight into their relationships.

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Tiffany Culvert, LPC

I am passionate about helping people find healing, growth, and understanding. I utilize a client centered approach, and encourage my clients to lead the direction of the therapy session. I believe therapy begins with building a trusting and collaborative relationship in which we can gain insight and clarity into your thoughts, emotions, and interpersonal relationships.

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Phone: (267)-225-3452
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Our Philadelphia location is situated in the heart of Northern Liberties on Liberties Walk at Schmidt’s Commons.

Parking is free and open during the day and for added convenience we have  reserved parking for clients after 6PM (when parking becomes resident only via permit).


“Marital and family therapy requires LESS time (only 9 to 12 sessions on average) than the typical individual treatment to see results.”

Systemic therapy has been proven to alleviate numerous stressors and results in long term changes as opposed to individual therapy.

We practice a type of therapy that creates space for the system to change which, in turn, creates new patterns of interaction that are proven to last longer than just simply problem solving.