“69% of the time, a couple’s conflict is about perpetual issues that never got resolved”- Dr. John Gottman

Couples who worked with me have increased their romantic and emotional intimacy levels, drastically improved their communication, addressed trust issues, and ultimately deepened their understanding of each other.

There are times that therapy brings couples to a place of transition out of a marriage or a relationship where there is still mutual respect.

I have helped couples navigate through the destructive patterns they have created in order to create new more positive patterns of interaction.

Common Presenting Symptoms:

  • Arguments/fights
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner (not feeling like you are on the same page)
  • One or more of your children are acting out
  • Infidelity/trust issues
  • Parents going through life stage changes (i.e. child is becoming a teenager)
  • Verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse