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“69% of the time, a couple’s conflict is about perpetual issues that never got resolved”- Dr. John Gottman

Couples who work with us increase their romantic and emotional intimacy levels, drastically improve their communication, address trust issues before they explode, and ultimately deepen their understanding of each other.

It’s About What’s Best for Your Relationship

We understand that every couple is different. Your communication challenges, conflicts, or lack of intimacy is unique to you – but can be strengthened when approached using a systems-focused process.

There are times that therapy brings couples to a place of transition out of a marriage or a relationship where there is still mutual respect.

We have helped couples navigate through the destructive patterns they have created in order to create new more positive patterns of interaction.

Common Presenting Symptoms:

  • Arguments / fights.
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner (not feeling like you are on the same page).
  • One or more of your children are acting out.
  • Infidelity and trust issues.
  • Parents going through life stage changes (i.e. child is becoming a teenager).
  • Verbal, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.


Our Approach to Couples Therapy

We have noticed that many of our clients’ needs are similar: anxiety, communication issues, and lately work/life balance.

Relationships are hard work and going to therapy should be productive. We believe in addressing all aspects of client’s life because if we do not treat the system, there is no way we can expect change to happen. Our holistic approach combined with the importance I place on giving the client the space to share is what makes my practice different than others.

We have worked with couples, families, teens, and children of all ages as part of supporting the core relationship (and it’s patterns. Our main goal is to increase attachment, reinvest trust in the relationship, and improve your intimacy.

We do this by helping individuals process their past and focus on their future. We do not accept insurance because we believe we should dictate treatment based on what’s best for the individuals, not what the insurance company wants us to do.

We work on the system as opposed to the individual which long term will have better outcomes because we interact with others on a daily basis. We believe therapy should not be long term or boring; it should be functional and productive.

When we meet, we will work on changing the negative patterns in your life to create healthier, more productive ways of approaching your relationship (and life).

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