Johanna (Hanna) Agnew is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an alumnus of the University Of Pennsylvania Graduate School Of Education ’13. Hanna has been working as a therapist since 2013 and began her professional career working with pregnant and parenting women engulfed in the cycle of addiction, trauma, and abuse. Through these experiences, she had the opportunity to train in the Sanctuary Model until Dr. Sandy Bloom and her team, Prolonged Exposure Therapy under Dr. Edna Foa. Hanna transitioned to an acute children’s clinician and currently works in supporting schools and families to mental and behavioral health supports at the School District of Philadelphia.

Hanna believes systemic and relational psychotherapy helps members of a relationship or family attain positive, more satisfying interactions, secure interrelationships, and overall well-being. Effective communication is a key tool in this treatment approach. Therapy helps increase barriers to authentic and effective communication in valued relationships. With a trauma-informed background, Hanna works to address any past individual or relational traumas to help with individual and group healing.

Becoming a therapist has always been a life goal of Hanna’s. As early as a journal entry in 5th grade on one’s “dream profession”, Hanna has been intrigued and attuned to human interactions, reactions, and narratives. In 2006, Hanna began working with a large non-profit agency and through these experiences working with children wanted to become a therapist. Five years later, she made that intention a reality.

In her spare time, Hanna likes to spend time with her Pitbull rescue, rehab and decorate her Philadelphia row home, advocate for awareness initiatives, and try new restaurants with friends. Hanna is one of four children and was raised in Michigan.