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As a parent, one of the biggest stressors that you can face is when your child is showing signs that are alarming, frustrating, or even scary.

Some signs may include attention issues, social interaction issues, behavioral problems, excessive expressions of emotions (sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.), increased or decreased tiredness, problems with transitioning, and many others.  You may also know that your child just experienced a trauma like a divorce in the family, death in the family or of a close friend, moving to a new school, or is getting bullied.

I can help work with your child and your family to get through any rough spots your child may be experiencing.   I have extensive practice working with children ages 2-12.  I know how to use play therapy techniques which can be incredibly effective to help children open up about their thoughts and feelings.  ADDitude has a great section on play therapy to get an idea of how it works.  I have also found that art therapy techniques are helpful in working with children and have practice in interpreting art and using art to open conversations.

I can help parents recognize the patterns that their children display and help interrupt those patterns for positive and significant behavioral and emotional changes.  Parents are actively involved in therapy sessions as they are the key to changes in their children.

Common Presenting Symptoms:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Behavioral issues at home and/or school
  • Anger outbursts/tantrums
  • Anxiety around school
  • Developmental delays
  • Manipulative or defiant behaviors
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