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Communicating with a teenager can be difficult.  Often times parents struggle to maintain their role as parent and help their teen navigate their life challenges.

Adolescents can experience a variety of challenges in their everyday interactions especially with technology changing so rapidly.  In an age when teenagers are inundated with negative messages, teenagers often struggle with communicating their emotions in a regulated way.  It can be during adolescence that the onset of significant mental health disorders occurs which makes it very important that teens get help as soon as possible.

I can help work individually with your teenager to create a safe place for your teen to share his or her thoughts and feelings.  I will also work with the entire family to help break patterns and transition from having a young child to a young adult.

Common Presenting Symptoms:

  • Depression or depressive symptoms
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Socially withdrawn
  • Extreme weight loss/eating disorder symptoms
  • Behavior issues at school and/or home
  • Defiant
  • Emotional outbursts including but not limited to anger and sadness
  • Self-harming behaviors like cutting
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