Love is sitting on the couch together giggling into almost empty red wine glasses as we watch Impractical Jokers together.

Love is leaning back as he wraps his arms around my shoulders while I am stirring the veggies on the stove.

Love is snapping back when he tells me to go right and I know I can also go straight to get to where we need to be.

Love is him giving me a weird face and telling me in a funny voice,

What’s with the “tude?”

Love is the look I catch him give me from across the crowded deck full of friends.

Love is him picking up my chin and drying the tears away telling me it will be okay.

Love is walking past the window more times than I care to admit to see if he is home yet.

Love is watching his car drive away and wishing him a good day in my mind.

Love is taking the anger because you know he feels safe enough to share it with you.

Love is yelling back when he crosses the line.

Love is waking me up when I fell asleep on the couch because he knows I will be more comfortable in our bed.

Love is a shared apology

Love is having dance parties in the kitchen.  Loud, carefree, strange dancing dance parties.

Love is the replaced box of seltzer in the fridge.

Love is the popping of the champagne for dreams accomplished just to sit down to create new ones.

Love is the fierce protection over each other.

Love is being the one holding the string as the other flies in the air.  Then switching.

Love is the shared piece of ice cream cake left over that both of us say to the other to stop eating because we “want to live to see our grandkids.”

Love is accepting his ADHD and him accepting my anxiety.

Love is sharing the feelings even when they are painful.

Love is an extra long hug

Love is the chicken thawing out for dinner.

Love is being there, showing up.

Love is kind words and unconditional support.

Love is saying no sometimes.

Love is challenging the other to step up to the plate, or the side of the mountain.

Love is stretching your patience further than you ever thought it could go.

Love is giving and not expecting anything in return

Love is the rule that one does the cooking so the other does the dishes.

Love is raw, uninhibited conversations about bodily functions.

Love is being a pillar when the other person has to lean.

Love is being the loudest person cheering in the crowd.

Love is work

Love is rewarding

To my amazing husband, Nick Eubanks; thank you for showing me what love is.  Thank you ultimately for seeing the entrepreneur in me and for challenging me to get back into writing.

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