Couples Counseling

Learn the root of the issues between you and your partner and

strengthen communication skills so that you can strengthen

your relationship.


Individual Therapy

Increase your awareness, process your thoughts and feelings, and

see how you change. I can work with individuals to decrease anxiety,

depression, or any other challenge you face.


Family Therapy

The up and coming, blame free method of therapy that can change

the way your family interacts with each other by uncovering pat-

terns of interaction.


Group Therapy

A sense of community can help an individual process emotions during difficult

periods of his or her life. Join one of our groups to learn new skills,

increase your confidence, and gain different perspectives.


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7 Things To Expect When You’re Expecting a Relationship

“This ebook gives you seven VERY important tips that are needed for people entering into a relationship. The biggest factor I pulled from this was to trust (that was my favorite point). It was always a hang up of mine but Kelley illustrated this point perfectly to help show me a different path.”

Joe Pepe, Fitness Specialist at Men’s Health

Reading In Between The Lines

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

#Quarantined- Balancing Working from Home and Mental Health

Welcome Kate Sobon, LPC!

Welcome Tiffany Culvert, LPC!

Communication and Emotional Regulation in Relationships

Barriers to Male Therapeutic Engagement

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