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Couples Counseling

Learn the root of the issues between you and your partner and strengthen

communication skills so that you can strengthen your relationship. We only hire professionals who have been trained in systems therapy.

We help couples work through things like:

– Continuous arguing and fighting
– Anxiety
– Personality disorders
– Infidelity
– Significant psychiatric disorders diagnosed for one or both of the individuals in the couple (such as: Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other personality disorders)
– Abuse (emotional, physical, and/or sexual)
– Military deployment or any other extended time away from the other spouse.


Family Therapy 

The up and coming, blame free method of therapy that can change the way your family interacts with each other by uncovering patterns of interaction.

We work with families struggling with:

Divorce –
Grief –
Bereavement –
Drug and alcohol issues –
Transitioning into different stages of life (middle school kids to teens)
Intense marital conflict –
Socio-economic status issues like financial changes, moving, etc. –


Individual Therapy

Understand what is going on beneath your thoughts and in between the emotions you experience. By examining the system around you as well as your history, you can develop a better way of processing your thoughts and feelings to live a healthier life.

We help individuals work through things like:

– Anxiety
– Problem solving
– Depression
– Coping with transitions
– Sorting through relationship issues
– Dependency issues (relational, drugs, etc.)
– Increasing focus and production



The First Step is The Hardest

Starting something new can be really scary, so congratulations on taking the first step!

Whether you are here to sort out your emotions, get help with something in which you are struggling, get help for someone you love, or just want to understand yourself better, we are so glad you are here.

You are taking the first step in creating an opportunity for yourself, for your family, and ultimately, for the world around you. Take some time to browse through our services because this is a relationship – and for it to be successful, we need to make sure we are the right fit for each other.

We Are Clinically Trained to Practice Systems Therapy

Unsure about what this means?

This means we work with individuals, families, and couples, but that we always view our work through the system around an issue. We never focus on the individual during our work together. Our belief is in line with Gottman and other system’s theorists where we have to work on the system around someone in order to enact change. For example, our couples work involves gaining background on the couple (their family, their love story, etc) as well as the support system around the couple.

Case Study

Success With Family Therapy

Therapy can be a mystery to many people. I created a case study to help you understand the basics of what I do.

According to AAMFT’s website, people chose LMFT’s to help them because of the brief, solution-focused treatment they provide; including this eye-opening statistic:

“Marital and family therapy requires LESS time (only 9 to 12 sessions on average) than the typical individual treatment to see results.”

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